Veterinary Assistant

Tira grew up in East Vancouver with numerous Siamese cats in the house and two beautiful Siberian Huskies named Bandit and Outlaw. Her passion for animals blossomed from there.

She Graduated from West Coast College Veterinary Assistant program in 2010 and started working at Burnaby Veterinary Hospital in February 2011. Tira completed the Veterinary Dentistry for Technologists Program with Dr. Loic Legendre and this allows her to follow her passion for animal oral health care here at BVH. She is our Head Veterinary Assistant and is also in charge of Inventory Management.

Tira and her husband have a 2 year old daughter, Bianca, 2 cats; Sahara a 4 year old Bengal and Cleo a 15 year old Siamese, and 2 dogs; Lola a 7 year old Miniature Schnauzer and Klaus a 1 year old Giant Schnauzer.

When not at work Tira is currently doing renovations around her home, gardening, camping and spending time with family and friends, who have aptly nicknamed her “Martha Stewart”.