Kennel Care Attendant

Larissa was born and raised in the quiet district of Maple Ridge where she was surrounded by vast farmlands and wooded areas. From a very young age she showed interest in animal care by bringing home stray animals and caring for them. At fifteen years old, she began volunteering for the local SPCA and it was only a few months afterwards that she was given the opportunity to help rehabilitate feral cats and dogs that were deemed “aggressive”. She moved on to become the Animal Adoptions Coordinator for the several years that she worked there.

Larissa attended Douglas College in 2013 and continued to work at her part-time job until joining the Burnaby Veterinary Hospital team. As our Kennel Care Attendant, she works to ensure our clients and patients enjoy their visit and helps the team wherever possible to ensure a smoother day.

Larissa has one dog, Roxy, a 7 year old black lab/collie cross who enjoys family camping trips and cuddling with her ‘blankie’ and a black cat named Spooky, who stays at home while the family camps and does what he does best; sleep.

When she is not working you can find Larissa hanging out with her family, working on ceramics, reading, playing videogames with her brother, exploring on all-terrain vehicles with her Dad, baking with her Mom or studying various languages, such as Japanese, German, Russian, and French.