Client Service Representative

Kris was born and raised on the west coast, spending several years in Victoria before moving to Vancouver. She has always loved animals of all kinds and they have been a big part of her life for as long as she can remember. Wanting to pursue a career in which she could help keep animals happy and healthy, she attended Granville College’s VOA program in 2005. She was able to channel her affinity for felines into her subsequent jobs working at cat clinics in both Vancouver and Toronto. Kris has been very excited to be able to meet all of BVH’s wonderful canine as well as feline patients since she started working there in March of 2016.

Kris lives in New Westminster with her husband Andy and their cats, Leonardo, 18, and Arabella, 15, as well as two 12-year-old lizards – a crested gecko named Winkle and a leopard gecko named Snodgrass. When not at work, she can generally be found reading, learning the accordion, kayaking and hanging out beside the octopus tank at the aquarium.