Registered Veterinary Technologist, RVT

Amy has had a long time passion for animals. She spent her childhood summers at SPCA day camps, and took all the neighbours dogs for walks. Through high school she developed a strong background in science, and did a practicum at the Vancouver Aquarium. When the new Animal Health Technology program was launched at Douglas College, she knew she had to be a part of it.

Amy graduated as part of the first class from Douglas College in 2009. Her first job was working with horses at an equine practice. Since her job with horses Amy has developed her skills working with dogs and cats, and she is especially fond of our largest dog patients. Amy joined our team in September of 2015.

Amy has a Silver Fox rabbit named Jasper. They are part of the Vancouver Rabbit Agility Club, which has activities that are very similar to dog agility, but with bunnies! Amy likes to spend her free time teaching Jasper new tricks, doing all things crafty and riding horses.