Vets In Action? What’s That?

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On Sunday August 18th, 2013 Burnaby Veterinary Hospital (BVH) will be opening up exclusively for pro-bono surgeries and dentistries from the BC SPCA. It’s our way of helping the veterinary community give back to the pet community! BVH will also be collecting donations for the SPCA’s 2013 Paws For The Cause campaign throughout the month of August.


Cool! I Like Pets! How Can I Help Out?

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We’re taking care of the veterinary side of things but as a society running without government funding the SPCA is always looking for donations.  The BC SPCA Paws For The Cause campaign has been ongoing and will continue throughout the month of August. You can donate at many veterinary clinics and hospitals throughout BC, including at Burnaby Veterinary Hospital, as well as many local businesses. You can also donate online by clicking the link below!


Pet Portraits By Donation From Ashleigh Wells Photography!


On August 18, 2013 you can also drop by Burnaby Veterinary Hospital between 10AM and 5PM as Ashleigh Wells of Ashleigh Wells Photography will be doing first come first serve pet portraits by donation to the Paws For The Cause campaign. Ashleigh graciously volunteered her time and services towards this great cause!

Other Paws For The Cause Fundraisers Throughout August

In order to raise funds for the Paws For The Cause campaign our staff and clients will also be selling the following items onsite at Burnaby Veterinary Hospital throughout the month of August.  All proceeds will be going to the BC SPCA.

  • Hand made greeting cards
  • Home made Jams and Jellies
  • Hand made toques

Where Did The “Vets In Action” Idea Come From?

The BC SPCA has a tough job. They are a society that operates without government funding and deal with some of the most heartbreaking and difficult situations one can imagine. The people at the SPCA have always inspired us with their diligence, compassion and steady hand in a job that not many could handle. Not to forget the fact that as pet parents, foster parents and caregivers ourselves we appreciate anyone who helps our furry friends! We wanted to do our part to help out so about a year ago we decided to start doing a monthly pro-bono surgery or dentistry for the Burnaby branch of the BC SPCA. They pick the animal in need and we did the rest! The idea being that we could increase the odds for a dog, cat, puppy or kitten to find their forever home. We want to help give these little critters a better chance, and the program has been a great success so far! Needless to say, this got Dr. Radnic, Dr. Richter and the rest of the BVH team thinking…

What they noticed is that everyone who heard about our monthly program thought it was a wonderful idea, and usually ended up volunteering for a procedure or two. Our staff often stayed late and volunteered after hours to assist in the procedure or help with the after care. Pretty much everyone in the veterinary community was willing to lend a hand, all they needed was the framework to do so. Noticing that generous undercurrent sparked the idea for the Vets in Action day — how about we shutdown our hospital for a full day and open it up to BC SPCA cases?

We originally figured that BVH’s staff and doctors would work through a busy day of surgeries and dentistries and we could put a bit of a dent in the SPCA caseload. What ended up happening is that everyone we talked to in the Veterinary community wanted to help — companies donated supplies and expertise, vets and support staff their services. So, what started as our staff coming in quickly expanded into multiple doctors, technicians and assistants from a variety of clinics in the lower mainland coming to lend their time and skills. Dr. Purborini from Panorama Village Animal Hospital in Surrey, Dr. Casey of English Bay Ultrasound, local locum Veterinarian Dr. Grubac, and others will be there. We also have Ashleigh Wells of Ashleigh Wells Photography graciously volunteering her services to help raise funds for the SPCA. She will be onsite that day doing pet portraits by donation to the BC SPCA. Michele Myers Design Co. also donated their expertise in creating the promotional materials for the day, helping us get the word out so that we could raise funds for the Paws For The Cause! Even Sergio’s Pizza in Port Moody donated their pies as lunch for the team of volunteers we assembled!

OK, Great. So That’s One Day… What’s Next?

As this is our first year of Vets in Action we are creating a process and flow that we will continue to improve upon in coming years.  Our long term hope is that this day can grow bigger than Burnaby Veterinary Hospital and be taken up by multiple clinics throughout BC. This year we’re developing and documenting our system such that we can hand off a package that walks other practice owners and managers through the day. There is a lot of organizational work that goes into an operation like this but with a guidebook and framework for other Veterinarians to follow we hope that Vets in Action can expand and inspire in the years to come!